Naked Palette

Last week I went to House of Fraser and bought the Naked Palette by Urban Decay. I finally persuaded my father to buy it for me!! I am literally so excited. It has the most gorgeous shades of nudey/browny colours and the packaging is just AMAZING. It has like a suede cover in like a brown colour. I am in love <3
I had the large decision of which one to choose. If you don’t know there are three palettes of the same design etc as this one (just each one has different shades). There is the Naked 1, 2 and 3 – and also two smaller palettes called Naked Basics 1 and 2!!
I was deciding between 1 and 2 as I think that the 3rd one has a lot of pinky colours which I didn’t really like as I prefer browns and nudes. So it was either 1 or 2. Both of them have fairly similar shades but I went for the original Naked palette (numero uno).
In the palette there are 12 shades including shimmers and matte colours. My favourite shades are (left to right) Naked, Buck, Half-Baked and Toasted. They are lovely colours which are quite natural but sophisticated! Also all of the Naked palettes (I think) come with a double headed blending brush. Literally this brush is amazing. It has a end to apply the eyeshadow and a blending end – it is the BEST. It is fluffy and beautiful but is perfect for packing on colour and is great for precision!!
I know it’s a really expensive product to buy but it does come with 12 different colours, a amazing brush and has pretty cool packaging so I think its worth it!! I would recommend you get one but just make sure you will actually use it and be certain on which palette to get. You don’t want to regret your decision.
Lots of Love, Em x

Book Review | Girl Online

I got this book, Girl Online, for Christmas this year (or I guess it was actually last year!!). If you don’t know this book was written by Zoe Sugg – a youtuber/blogger aka Zoella.
My favourite genre of books are definitely romance novels especially any Sophie Kinsella books!! So basically this is an amazing book for me 😉
It is a fictional book written about a young girl named Penny. She lives in Brighton with her family and has her own blog. On this blog she is anonymous and is known as the “Girl Online” (as you can guess this is where the name of the book is from!) The book is about her life in Brighton and how she suffers from panic attacks and anxiety. Later on in the book she goes to New York and meets a guy named Noah and they fall in love and live happily ever after in a sugar castle!! (Jokes this doesn’t actually happen – unfortunately) Anyway that’s basically the overall summary (apart from a MAJOR plot twist at the end which made the book even more amazing)!!!I feel proud of Zoe as I am a fan of hers, she has come so far with her youtube channel, blog, book etc. I think it’s unfair of how much hate she is getting especially about this book and having a “ghost writer”. I fully support Zoe with everything she does.I literally could not put the book down and was so intrigued by what would happen next.

I really enjoyed reading this book! I was totally gripped by the story line, I really recommend it and I think YOU should read it.
Lots of Love, Em x