L’OREAL True Match Review

Last week I purchased L’OREAL’s  True Match foundation. After a week of using it I have fallen in love with it! It is quite light on the skin and gives an even yet natural finish. I think I may of bought a slightly wrong shade as I have a warm skin tone but I went for the natural shade. Despite this, it still matches my skin tone as long as I blend it properly!! (If anyone wants to know I got shade N1).  Anyway, the actual product is very good and I would recommend it. It is quite expensive at £9.99 but you get what you pay for.

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Lots of Love Em x

Meeting Giovanna!

Giovanna Fletcher is an author of romance novels and is also the wife to McBusted member, Tom Fletcher. McBusted is my favourite band and I have been in love with Tom Fletcher since I was probably about 6 years old when I was completely obsessed with McFly. I absolutely love her books, the way she writes is so British I love it so much!

I’ve seen McBusted twice in concert. The second occasion two of us went to the toilet and just happened to see Giovanna in there with her son Buzz, we were so starstruck we didn’t say anything to her and just left! So it was really nice to go and meet her at one of her book signings.

I was so excited to meet her and get her new book, Dream a Little Dream! We queued up for around 2 hours and we were really near the front of the queue. Whilst talking to her I could feel my voice starting to crack and my legs started shaking! I’m not normally one to get all ‘fangirly’ so it was really weird!


Lots of Love Em x

A Little Adventure!

Today me and a friend went for a walk around our village. The reason why we went was to find out where a footpath led too. We have walked past this everyday for about 5 years so we were very curious! The weather was not the best, it was very humid and started to rain towards the end but it wasn’t too bad. On our route there were some lovely views and just beautiful places.

IMG_8722[1] IMG_8723[1] IMG_8728[1] IMG_8732[1]

I grew up in this village and it is a place which means an awful lot to me for multiple reasons! I just love spending time there as it makes me feel happy and is so relaxing.

Lots of Love Em x