Laguna Beach

Our first destination was Laguna Beach which I think is around an hour away from LA and is an hour from San Diego or something. We stayed in Laguna for three nights and spent the days mostly relaxing by our hotel pool! The hotel was so lovely and was a five minute walk down to the beach.

After our flight we arrived in Laguna at around 2pm on Tuesday, we went straight to our hotel and sat by the pool for a few hours. The rest of that day was pretty boring as we were so tired after our flight.

The weather was so hot and sunny that on Wednesday we went to the Irvine Spectrum Shopping Mall! There were so many American shops which we don’t have in the UK like Aeropostale and Target. It was so cool, I love shopping and they had so many good shops and food places. We had a really nice lunch at P.F Changs, a Chinese restaurant. Whilst there I bought a new pair of Vans and also a bag from Forever 21.

 Our last day in Laguna, Thursday, was a very relaxed day. However, at 5am that morning my GCSE results were emailed through so I woke up early and checked my email every five minutes or something! Luckily my results were good so we went out for a celebratory breakfast overlooking the ocean! The rest of that day was very relaxed and I continued to read Paper Towns which I started when we arrived in Laguna. For our last evening we went to an open roof bar which again had a lovely view of the ocean! I loved Laguna, looking back I think it was one of my favourite places.

IMG_9429 IMG_9370 IMG_9398

It turns out a lot of my photos are scenic pictures and do feature many palm trees!!

Lots of Love Em x