Our next destination on our little road trip was Monterey! This city is famous for their sea life and amazingly we got to go whale watching. The journey from Santa Monica to Monterey was literally the worst thing. It took us like 6 hours or something ridiculous as we decided to take the coastal route so we could see the scenery. For around 2 hours towards the end of the journey we were winding round mountainous roads which were so high up. It was not fun for someone who gets travel sickness! However, we did stop at some points and saw some incredible sights of the ocean including some whales down below us.

IMG_9590   IMG_9592

We didn’t have long in Monterey so we tried to do as much as possible! We visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium which was so cool. There were so many cute animals including my new favourite the sea otters. The aquarium there is so different from our ones here in the UK, this one literally backed onto the ocean. The view from the outside of the aquarium was beautiful especially as the weather was amazing!


As I said earlier we went whale watching! This was an incredible experience. We saw so many types of whales and dolphins out in the bay. It took us about an hour on the boat to get out to where most of them are found. It was so windy, my hair was a complete mess and surprisingly it was really cold despite the 30 degree temperatures and sunny day back on shore. Seeing these species up close was amazing and kind of unrealistic, like I couldn’t believe how big they are and it still feels weird to say I have been within like 5 metres of the biggest animal on Earth! At the time I wasn’t really into the whole whale watching thing as I did get a little sea sick but it was still a great experience. Also, a few days before we were there, the BBC were in the area filming a documentary from the aquarium. We actually saw Matt Baker on our way to dinner one night! So ironic that we meet a British TV presenter whilst in California. It was so hard to take good pictures of the whales as they don’t stay out of the water long enough, but here is one I got…


~On our last day we went to visit Pebble Beach which is a golf club near Monterey. My brother loves golf which is why we had to go. Apparently it’s a big deal in the golfing world. So we walked round the course a little and took a picture in front of a clock by the first tea which I may of photobombed. Also, Monterey is where John Steinbeck was born. Those of you who don’t recognise this name he wrote the book ‘Of Mice & Men’ which many British teens are forced to read as part of our English exams. It literally is so boring and analysing it to write essays is so awful! So when we spotted his statue in the centre of the harbour, my parents were like go take a picture with your favourite person! (sarcasm!)

IMG_9961 IMG_9992

From this point onwards we were out of the typical L.A sights and were viewing another incredible part of California. Monterey is such a beautiful area in its own way and features so much history. It was so different to the places we have already been but it is just as good in its own way!

Lots of Love Em x