Half Moon Bay

Next we stayed in Half Moon Bay which is quite close to San Francisco. We didn’t spend much time in Half Moon Bay as we were only there for two nights and spent our one entire day in San Fran. However, the restaurants were really nice as was our Hotel.

In San Fran we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge and stopped at a view point. Then we drove into the centrewhere we walked around a little and found the cable cars. Despite an hour or two wait we rode all the way to the end and back again. That was the best bit about the day! San Fran is really hilly and I was standing on the edge of the car so the journey was so much fun.


I personally didn’t really like San Fran as much as when we were walking around there was quite a few odd people which kind of scared me :/ but I did enjoy the cable cars and the experience of San Fran.



Lots Of Love Em x