Yosemite & Sequoia National Parks

Yosemite is a stunning national park in California. Basically there are a lot of trees, cliffs and heights! We spent two days in Yosemite and drove around the park to the various viewing points. There were some truly amazing sights and it was pretty cool to see something so different. We definitely do not get places like this in the UK. My family even saw a tiny bear in the wood as we were driving through but of course I missed it!!

IMG_9759 IMG_9787

Sequoia is very similar to Yosemite. However, it is the home of the world’s largest tree! Exciting stuff I know! We only drove through Sequoia for one day and didn’t stay over in the park. The only reason we went was to see the biggest tree, and it was massive! The pictures do not give it justice.

 IMG_9807 IMG_9979

Both these places are incredibly beautiful! However, I have to admit I got bored fairly quickly. After a while every tree starts to look the same and I did feel a little claustrophobic when we were leaving Sequoia which was very odd. But it was worth the trip, I enjoyed seeing a different part of nature which you wouldn’t see everyday where I live.

Lots of Love Em x