About Me

Hello and welcome to my little blog!

I have been intermittently blogging since 2014 and always loved the idea of being the ‘perfect’ blogger with amazing content and instagram. Soon enough I realised this simply wasn’t me. But this past year I am more determined than ever just to be proud of my blog and the content I am creating. Life becomes complicated and things get in the way so my goal is to be realistic and just do the best I can.

A little about me…

My name is Emma Rogers, I am 19 and a Public Relations student at Solent University. I am from the gorgeous Kent countryside originally but am currently living in Southampton whilst I study. I am loving the University life and cannot believe how quickly it is going!

The key to my heart is…

Pizza, beach days, deep chats at 3am, nachos, hugs after not seeing someone for a long time, sitting in a pub garden (with a glass of wine), brunch.