L’OREAL True Match Review

Last week I purchased L’OREAL’s  True Match foundation. After a week of using it I have fallen in love with it! It is quite light on the skin and gives an even yet natural finish. I think I may of bought a slightly wrong shade as I have a warm skin tone but I went for the natural shade. Despite this, it still matches my skin tone as long as I blend it properly!! (If anyone wants to know I got shade N1).  Anyway, the actual product is very good and I would recommend it. It is quite expensive at £9.99 but you get what you pay for.

File 21-07-2015 21 09 20

Lots of Love Em x

Meeting Giovanna!

Giovanna Fletcher is an author of romance novels and is also the wife to McBusted member, Tom Fletcher. McBusted is my favourite band and I have been in love with Tom Fletcher since I was probably about 6 years old when I was completely obsessed with McFly. I absolutely love her books, the way she writes is so British I love it so much!

I’ve seen McBusted twice in concert. The second occasion two of us went to the toilet and just happened to see Giovanna in there with her son Buzz, we were so starstruck we didn’t say anything to her and just left! So it was really nice to go and meet her at one of her book signings.

I was so excited to meet her and get her new book, Dream a Little Dream! We queued up for around 2 hours and we were really near the front of the queue. Whilst talking to her I could feel my voice starting to crack and my legs started shaking! I’m not normally one to get all ‘fangirly’ so it was really weird!


Lots of Love Em x

A Little Adventure!

Today me and a friend went for a walk around our village. The reason why we went was to find out where a footpath led too. We have walked past this everyday for about 5 years so we were very curious! The weather was not the best, it was very humid and started to rain towards the end but it wasn’t too bad. On our route there were some lovely views and just beautiful places.

IMG_8722[1] IMG_8723[1] IMG_8728[1] IMG_8732[1]

I grew up in this village and it is a place which means an awful lot to me for multiple reasons! I just love spending time there as it makes me feel happy and is so relaxing.

Lots of Love Em x

New Discovery!

Today has been my first lazy day since I finished school last week! So, I have done nothing productive! I’ve been playing the Kim K game, watching the Recess movie and listening to Spotify!

Whilst on Spotify I fell in love with Lucy Hale and her album, Road Between! Lucy is in Pretty Little Liars but I have only just listened to her album. It is sooo good!! Her songs are country pop, I really love country music. Some of her songs remind me of Taylor Swift’s early music. My favourite songs already are Loved and Kiss Me!! They are so cute and I just love them.

 Photo 30-06-2015 17 30 56

Lots of Love Em x

It’s Hairspray!

At School, I am part of something called Arts Award. It is basically similar to Duke of Edinburgh but focuses on the arts (so there is nothing outdoorsey thankfully!!) There are three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

As part of the qualification we have had to produce the play, Hairspray! And today was our performance! We started the process in January with the casting and slowly starting rehearsals. I was in charge of the production (including the media and props). To pass our Gold level we had to direct the play fully by ourselves. The whole cast and production team have worked so hard over the last few months and I am so proud of what we have all achieved.

The play went amazingly this evening (despite a few mistakes). As a result of this play, I have made so many new friends who I will hopefully keep in touch with now this is over! We have had such a good time, I’m going to miss it so badly!




Some warm up exercises before the show!


The final run-through!!

This has been such an amazing experience and has really got me thinking about whether I want to venture into the production of musicals as a career! It has definitely given me more confidence and better leadership skills!

Lots of Love Em x

Surprise, Surprise!


Today me and a group of friends went to a shopping centre near where we live for our friend, Miranda’s, birthday. She is going away for a month to Borneo and her birthday is while she’s out there so we wanted to give her a few surprises before she left!

It’s kind of hard to explain but… basically, we had planned for Miranda to go with Phoebe. Then me and Tasha would turn up and surprise her! We agreed that they would sit in Starbucks and we would walk in. I filmed her reaction.

Then we did a bit of shopping and went for a cheeky nandos.



Tasha is on the left, Phoebe on the right!

After our nandos, we had another surprise for Miranda! She loves Lola’s Cupcakes, especially their red velvet cakes. We brought this into Nandos for her birthday.


Here are just a few other photos from our day….


A bit of make-up shopping. You know it gets serious when someone sits on the floor!!!



Topshop mirror selfie with the birthday girl!!

I had an amazing day with these girls! I hope Miranda has a lovely time in Borneo, I’m going to miss her like crazy!

Lots of Love Em x

Summer Update!

Hello everyone! I am back to blogging, FINALLY.

The main reason why I’ve been absent is that I have been doing my GCSE’s (these are exams you take when you’re 15/16 yrs old). I am so happy that they are over, I can now relax and enjoy the extra long Summer holidays! As I now have more time I will definitely be blogging more. On what you may ask? Well that is what I am here to explain…

I am going to be doing a series called Summer Bloggin’ (like Summer Lovin’ from Grease! (wow my sense of humour is awful!)) I guess it’s kind of similar to Vlogmas. Basically I will be blogging every day, if I can, it all depends whether I do anything interesting or if I have Wi-Fi!!!!! I want this Summer to be amazing and really productive. I have been writing a list of things I would like to accomplish over the next two months.

I finish School in 3 days time, once that’s over the blogging begins! I am excited for this as I will be able to look back at these posts and remember what I did each day, it will be like a diary entry for you to enjoy. I hope it’s not going to be boring!

Within these posts there will also be generic posts, e.g my ootd (outfit of the day) or make-up favourites! My main aim is to create content but also enjoy it at the same time.

Now and then, depending on the topic, I will vlog the day or just take pictures (or even a bit of both). Hopefully they will be a bit more interesting than me rambling on about me going to the beach or something! As well as this some days I will write a review on a film I saw that day or a book I’ve finished. The best thing about this is neither of us will know what tomorrow will bring so it’s a surprise (I do love a good surprise!)

I hope you guys will enjoy this little series.

Lots of Love Em x

Naked Palette

Last week I went to House of Fraser and bought the Naked Palette by Urban Decay. I finally persuaded my father to buy it for me!! I am literally so excited. It has the most gorgeous shades of nudey/browny colours and the packaging is just AMAZING. It has like a suede cover in like a brown colour. I am in love <3
I had the large decision of which one to choose. If you don’t know there are three palettes of the same design etc as this one (just each one has different shades). There is the Naked 1, 2 and 3 – and also two smaller palettes called Naked Basics 1 and 2!!
I was deciding between 1 and 2 as I think that the 3rd one has a lot of pinky colours which I didn’t really like as I prefer browns and nudes. So it was either 1 or 2. Both of them have fairly similar shades but I went for the original Naked palette (numero uno).
In the palette there are 12 shades including shimmers and matte colours. My favourite shades are (left to right) Naked, Buck, Half-Baked and Toasted. They are lovely colours which are quite natural but sophisticated! Also all of the Naked palettes (I think) come with a double headed blending brush. Literally this brush is amazing. It has a end to apply the eyeshadow and a blending end – it is the BEST. It is fluffy and beautiful but is perfect for packing on colour and is great for precision!!
I know it’s a really expensive product to buy but it does come with 12 different colours, a amazing brush and has pretty cool packaging so I think its worth it!! I would recommend you get one but just make sure you will actually use it and be certain on which palette to get. You don’t want to regret your decision.
Lots of Love, Em x

Book Review | Girl Online

I got this book, Girl Online, for Christmas this year (or I guess it was actually last year!!). If you don’t know this book was written by Zoe Sugg – a youtuber/blogger aka Zoella.
My favourite genre of books are definitely romance novels especially any Sophie Kinsella books!! So basically this is an amazing book for me 😉
It is a fictional book written about a young girl named Penny. She lives in Brighton with her family and has her own blog. On this blog she is anonymous and is known as the “Girl Online” (as you can guess this is where the name of the book is from!) The book is about her life in Brighton and how she suffers from panic attacks and anxiety. Later on in the book she goes to New York and meets a guy named Noah and they fall in love and live happily ever after in a sugar castle!! (Jokes this doesn’t actually happen – unfortunately) Anyway that’s basically the overall summary (apart from a MAJOR plot twist at the end which made the book even more amazing)!!!I feel proud of Zoe as I am a fan of hers, she has come so far with her youtube channel, blog, book etc. I think it’s unfair of how much hate she is getting especially about this book and having a “ghost writer”. I fully support Zoe with everything she does.I literally could not put the book down and was so intrigued by what would happen next.

I really enjoyed reading this book! I was totally gripped by the story line, I really recommend it and I think YOU should read it.
Lots of Love, Em x

Bucket List

I don’t know if you know what a bucket list is or whether you have one yourself… A bucket list is a list of things you want to do (mainly either in a year or before you die). So I have got a bucket list and these are the things on it. 🙂
Btw the highlighted ones are the ones I have done!!! Also this list is constantly changing, new things will be added!
1. Go travelling around the world
2. Tour the Harry Potter Studios
3. Learn how to play the guitar
4. Read the whole bible
5. Meet One Direction
6. Walk to the top of the Eiffel Tower
7. Be in New York at Christmas time/New Years
8. Be front row at a concert
9. Go to the Brit Awards
10. Take a picture “leaning” on the Leaning Tower of Pisa
11. Watch a concert at Wembley Stadium
12. Go to Madame Tussauds
13. Create a scrapbook
14. See the Hollywood Walk of Fame
15. See One Direction live
16. Selfie with a celebrity
17. Meet a youtuber
18. Try Wagamamas
19. Play messy twister
20. Make a tie dyed t-shirt
21. Have a water balloon fight
22. Make cookie dough
23. Learn how to roller skate
24. See McFly/Busted in concert
25. Win a music award
26. Go to walmart
27. Do a charity event (walk/fun run etc.)
28. Be on TV
29. Take photobooth pics
30. Go to a music festival
31. Live in London
32. Go ice skating in Central Perk
33. Go on a segway
34. Sleep underneath the stars
35. Ride in a hot air balloon
36. Take a picture everyday for the whole year
37. Visit the seven wonders
38. Get my dream job
39. Go to platform 9 3/4  at Kings Cross Station
40. Learn how to ice skate
41. Go to Starbucks
42. Shop in Walmart
43. Shop in Target
Another one of my new years resolutions is to complete more things on my bucket list so I hope I can do it!!! *fingers crossed*
Lots of Love, Em x
P.S All the ones with lines through are ones I have completed since creating this list!