About Me

My name is Emma. I am 16 years old and from the UK. My favourite subjects are definitely Media and ICT, they are areas which I would like to venture into as a career. I love music and film and everything to do with the internet (who doesn’t!!) 5 Seconds of Summer, McFly/Busted (MCBUSTED) and Ed Sheeran are my all time favs. However, I love all types of music including all the classics such as Earth Wind & Fire thanks to my dad. I go to concerts quite a lot, they are the best!

I started this blog as I love writing and have found out that I prefer this so much to youtube! I feel too awkward talking to a camera and I really like to write so this is perfect for me.

I started this blog 28th December 2014. (15th February 2015 on WordPress)