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72 Hours In Amsterdam

Last week, me and a group of friends travelled to Amsterdam for a three day city break. In the last few years Amsterdam seems to have become the place to go with its miles of canals, iconic narrow houses and the history involving the Dutch capital. It has never been a City that I thought about visiting until my friends suggested it; up till now I have always been a Paris, Rome, Barcelona kind of girl. But I can fully say I loved it. There was so much to see and do, I loved just wandering around the canals and lanes around them. There were so many things we wanted to do in Amsterdam, I have listed below a few of the amazing places we went to.

A’Dam Lookout

The A’Dam Lookout is an observation sky deck that overlooks Amsterdam and gives a gorgeous panoramic view of the City. There is also a bar so you can sit with a drink and enjoy the view or simply chill out on the bean bags scattered around the deck. On the deck is ‘Over The Edge’ which is Europe’s highest swing. We swung 100 metres off of the ground and saw the most incredible view. I was originally terrified, heights aren’t really my thing, but I knew it was a once in a life time experience so I just did it and it was absolutely amazing.

Anne Frank’s House

Anne Frank’s House is one of those must-do’s when you go to Amsterdam. She was such an iconic human being, walking around the place where her and her family were forced to hide was so shocking. It makes the entirety of her story less of a story and more of a reality. It is hard to imagine what it was like for them around 75 years ago when the Second World War was occuring especially as they have made her house into more of a museum in order to preserve all of the history there. The Secret Annexe has been left exactly as it was, without furniture, as when the family was discovered the room was completely cleared out. But it was such an interesting and eye opening experience, I would 100% recommend anyone to visit the museum.

(I didn’t get a good picture of the museum, so this is the view of the canal directly next to the house)

Van Gogh Museum

This gallery has the majority of Van Gogh’s work on display from the short 10 years that he actually painted for; this was around 600 paintings and drawings from that time period. His artistic style is very unique and he was an incredibly talented artist who only really became famous after his death in 1890. What I found interesting was learning about him through the 700 letters that he wrote throughout his life. I am not really a fan of art but Van Gogh is such a famous artist, I had to take the opportunity to see his work in person. The only disappointing thing was not being able to see ‘Starry Night’ as it is in New York, but it was still a great experience!

IAmsterdam Sign

The IAmsterdam sign is a massive tourist attraction in Amsterdam. There are hundreds of people gathered around the area, trying to take pictures of or with the sign. I don’t think we managed to get a picture without a stranger in it! But it was great fun standing next to the sign and climbing to get on top of the letters.


We cycled to get to Vondelpark which was an amazing experience on its own. (You can rent bikes from all over the City, when in Amsterdam you have to cycle around! It’s such a big part of their culture.) As we arrived at Vondelpark it was really beautiful. Just sitting around in the park was so relaxing and there was a beautiful café where we had lunch. It was definitely a lovely, calm afternoon.

Amsterdam is a beautiful City. I think that we could of stayed for a day or two more, there was still so much that we could have done. If you are thinking of a new place to visit, I would definitely recommend going!

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