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Adapting Social Media for the Better

Social media is an odd thing. It consumes most of our lives and can become the centre of our world quite quickly. But, it connects us together and creates unique types of friendships. However, social media has many positives and negatives to it, and how it impacts our lives.

Particularly, the idea of portraying a perfect life on social media is a concept known and felt by most. Whether that is admiring others who seem to have life all put together or attempting to be that person themselves. We have all been their at one point or another in our lives.

But, are we beginning to see a shift in this mind set?

As we are all inside for the majority of the day, or limiting contact with others, photo opportunities are becoming rarer by the day. Many influencers are beginning to get creative and discovering new ways of sharing new and genuine content with their followers. Now more than I ever I believe it is important to break down the wall that we see on social media, the wall that preserves the image of a perfect way of life. In our current situation our lives are far from perfect, and reflecting that on social media will create a sense of normality and put a stop to us comparing ourselves to one another. (Which has roamed social media for as long as it has been about.)

At the moment, each day gets harder for many. But as social media and its users adapts, I think it can become a much healthier place for all. Maybe we’ll see people be more genuine, with un-curated, imperfect Instagram feeds. People sharing love, hope and memories rather than a perfectly posed picture. Influencers guiding us to a life of positivity, and acts of kindness rather than to buying into brand deals. Yes life may be different now, but in some ways for the better.

After this, who knows, social media may end up being a happier place for all. A place where we can be ourselves, unedited and as natural as can be. Enjoying life for all its worth disregarding the approval we seek from others. I for one cannot wait to be a part of that world.

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