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ASOS & Influencer Marketing: My OTP

I love ASOS.

A bit of an odd start to a blog post I know, but I promise you there is a point. I love ASOS, everything about it. What it stands for, its clothing and its social media. I also love influencer marketing. I find it so insightful and such a resourceful use of social media. I guess you could say ASOS and influencer marketing are my OTP (that’s one true pairing if you weren’t a 12-year-old girl pairing up your classmates during English lessons).

My OTP as it were, became suddenly apparent in the past week as I was shopping online at ASOS. Most brands have adapted their online shopping to create stay at home sections, highlighting their abundance of loungewear. Many have been photographing clothing items on hangers rather than models, obviously adhering to the latest social distancing rules. However, it is ASOS’s recent “Models at Home” strategy that stands out the most. They have seemingly introduced influencer marketing into their online store, advertising their clothing in a new way.

Personally, I much prefer buying clothes that I have seen someone physically wearing. Clothes on hangers simply hang, and not always in a good way. More often than not, I turn to fashion influencers on Instagram for fashion tips and advice. Therefore, seeing models and influencers on ASOS’s website combines everything that I look for, and I am sure a multitude of others agree with me.

Utilising this marketing strategy has benefitted ASOS in a time where running their usual business is tricky. However, they have taken the bull by its horns and revelled in this strategy. Other clothing brands may soon begin to follow suit as we all adjust to this new way of life. Marketing in a sensitive manner is difficult in light of our situation, but it is important that we reflect our society online. Turning to influencers, whom most of us trust, is a great way for brands to utilise this influence for their own benefit. I am certainly less likely to buy clothes pictured on hangers, so for many brands this is a great solution for maintaining sales in a time that already could prove difficult for them.

Let us all celebrate my OTP, ASOS and influencers, as they pave the way for other brands during a difficult time for us all.

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