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Burger King’s Big (Mac) Campaign

Not too long ago I stumbled across this campaign from Burger King which I just think is hilarious and so clever. Each time Burger King advertised a Whopper in 2019, a Big Mac was hidden behind the classic Burger King burger. The aim… to prove that the Whopper is superior.

Within each piece of print, TV, outdoor and in-store advertising, a Big Mac has been hidden in plain sight. The Whopper is exactly as described, a whopper, so the Big Mac could easily be hidden without anyone realising.

Burger King and McDonald’s are massive competitors so a strategy such as this one gives a massive edge to Burger King. And this isn’t the first time the two fast food chains have roasted the other in order to create clever advertising. From the #NeverTrustAClown to well-placed ‘grill-boards’. The competition just keeps heating up.

It may seem a bit of an odd campaign strategy. Using a competitors product within your own adverts is usually risky but in this case it worked. I doubt anyone would have actually known otherwise. But, not only did they hide a Big Mac within their ads, they also created a whole video just pointing out the Big Mac’s. McDonald’s declined to comment, which I think was for the best. How can you create a comeback for that?

“Everybody knows our burger is more generous than that other burger”

Burger King

Burger King have created a campaign here, unknown until the end of 2019. It took a whole year for Burger King to reach their punch line. But they did, and they did it with some guts. This campaign has shown Burger King to be witty and I think just plain funny. It certainly was a bold move but I think being bold, especially in such a competitive industry, is imperative.

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