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Four Tips for a Successful Start to Instagram!

Life as a graduate has not been easy. The last 6 months or so have been full of job applications, rejections and working wherever I can to gain that little bit of extra experience. What I have learnt in that time is that even though it is tough, it is so important to keep yourself motivated. So for me, finding a purpose outside of job applications has been so important to me. In recent weeks I began blogging again after…

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    My January Book Review

    During 2020 many of us decided to utilise the extra time we were given as a result of each lockdown. I myself had the best ideas, and wished to make changes in my life. Productivity was going to be my friend. However, as I look…

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    Dreams & Aspirations

    This time spent in self-isolation has given my head a lot of space to think. As my degree is drawing to a close, I am beginning to think about my future and applying for jobs where I can. Obviously, in the current climate this is…

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    Finding Joy

    I don’t know about you but for me at the moment some days are much easier than others. Many a time the thought of our current situation brings me down and saddens me, whilst other days I feel joyful and optimistic about what is to…

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    Living In a Virtual World

    We all know that we are now living in crazy times, and I have avoided talking about Covid-19 on my blog so far. But this is becoming seemingly difficult as it has taken over our lives, our news and social media. Every time I go…

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    Rest is something I have not had a lot of this week and I am truly seeing the impacts of it. I ache all over and feel very unhealthy due to a lack of good food and exercise. This is what happens when life takes…

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    Too Little, Too Late

    I personally have a huge issue with Victoria’s Secret and their diversity… or lack of. The brand are known for their lingerie but they are very minimalistic and non-inclusive, particularly in terms of sizing. Even I cannot buy from Victoria’s Secret, and I wouldn’t exactly…

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    New Year, Same Me

    2019 is over and 2020 has begun. And what a year 2019 has been, let alone the last ten years. As we enter a new decade, I have been reflecting over how far I have come as a person but also what exciting things I…

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    This Time Last Year

    This time last year I had finished my final year at school and was enjoying a three month long summer before I embarked on my journey to Southampton ready for the next stage in my life. For many people, this is a nerve-racking time awaiting…