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A Pandemic Dissertation

All I can say is that this was incredibly unexpected. I have written my dissertation in my childhood bedroom rather than the stuffy, yet somehow cosy, Mountbatten Library. In some ways I am grateful. A one-month extension has allowed me to spend more time writing and reviewing, my focus being solely on this project. I have since realised that I have not discussed my dissertation on my blog, only an occasional survey share over on Twitter. So for those interested…

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    My Blogging Story

    My blogging journey began in 2014, and at the age of 15 I wanted to be an influencer (just like Zoella), become internet famous and have a laugh whilst doing it. (Only the last of those came true). So naturally, I created a YouTube channel…

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    Under Pressure

    Today is the 13th February. That means in just 91 days my degree will be finished and I will (hopefully) be entering the world of PR. As a third year student, people will begin to ask you the same string of questions over and over…

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    Meeting the Professionals

    Just yesterday I attended the annual ‘Meet the Professionals’ event at Solent University. The event, ran by third year students, is the perfect way to network with professionals from PR, Marketing and Advertising disciplines and I have found it particularly useful each year. Around 20…

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    Choosing a Dissertation Topic

    Crazily we are already on week three of my third year at University! Everyone says this time of your life flies by, and I am really starting to see that now. I was so excited to return this year, ready to hit the ground running…

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    This Time Last Year

    This time last year I had finished my final year at school and was enjoying a three month long summer before I embarked on my journey to Southampton ready for the next stage in my life. For many people, this is a nerve-racking time awaiting…

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    My Placement With Steadfast Collective

    Last week I had the privilege of completing a placement with Steadfast Collective, a development and content production company, located in Southampton. The team of five welcomed me into their office and I spent the week working alongside Rachel as they began their PR campaign…

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    One Third of My Degree Is Complete!

    On Friday, I handed in my final assignment of my first year at University. Crazy! It has gone incredibly quickly and has been the most amazing, yet scary, experience I think I have ever had. As I handed in that last assignment, I felt a…

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    Crisis Simulation Event

    Today we had our last PR event of this academic year, a crisis simulation! This in particular was an event I was incredibly excited about due to the unknown scenario we would be given as well as an insight into how a crisis could be…