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Choosing a Dissertation Topic

Crazily we are already on week three of my third year at University! Everyone says this time of your life flies by, and I am really starting to see that now. I was so excited to return this year, ready to hit the ground running with my assignments and just getting a routine back again after an absolute whirlwind of a summer. However, with that came the daunting task of the mighty dissertation that I will have to tackle this year. The thought of 10,000 words of academic writing terrifies me but I know if I work hard and listen to my supervisor I can make it through (and hopefully end up with a decent grade).

I have always known that I am an indecisive person at times, and these times tend to be the worst times in life! I am that person who wanders around Primark for an extra half an hour just because I can’t decide between two items in my hand. So me trying to choose a dissertation topic was something I was not prepared for!

Over the last three weeks I have certainly been stressing about choosing a topic, and the perfect topic to study for the next 8 months. Luckily, I managed to make a decision a few days ago, which honestly was just a massive relief.

After a huge process I managed to take my huge topic of Influencer Relations down to three ideas, which after more research went up to seven before I made my final decision. I can 100% say, it was not an easy nor stress-free task! That is why I thought I would share a few tips that are useful when starting this process.

  1. Know what you are interested in. This will make the entire process so much easier. Once you know an area of study you can narrow it down through research and conversations with others. But if you literally have no clue, don’t stress, things can be done!
  2. Go to the library. I know this sounds odd but I found looking at physical books on the shelf and the topics within the contents pages really useful. This can just give you some ideas and make you start thinking about what it is you want to focus on.
  3. Talk to others. You may be surprised that simply talking to people can really get your thought process going and they may know things you may not. It is always good to have others perspectives.
  4. Mind-Map Your Ideas. If you really are struggling, sketch a little mind-map. Getting your thoughts onto paper can declutter your mind and simply make your thoughts clearer to you.
  5. Remember it is YOUR dissertation. Yours and no one else’s. This decision has to be yours and completely tailored to who you are.
  6. Relax! If you over stress yourself, you won’t get anywhere. Take time, it is a big decision but get ahead of the game if you know you are unsure and start planning a topic during the summer.

I have done all six of those tips and they have been a massive help to me! Now to write 10,000 words I guess.

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