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Dreams & Aspirations

This time spent in self-isolation has given my head a lot of space to think. As my degree is drawing to a close, I am beginning to think about my future and applying for jobs where I can. Obviously, in the current climate this is appearing to be somewhat a challenge. However, it has not stopped me from dreaming of my future and where I picture myself in say 5 or 10 years time. For some reason, I have always felt a need to make something of myself. I have to admit though, I have no idea what that will look like. The idea in my head has changed quite a few times over the years.

Dreams may seem childish to some, maybe aspirations is a preferred word. However, each of us have dreamt or aspired throughout our lives. As a child we dream, maybe of a faraway land, being a princess or our very own imaginary friends. Either way, dreaming is a part of our beings. Without dreams or aspirations we would simply bumble along in life, drifting from one milestone to the next. Dreams and aspirations provide us with a drive to succeed and achieve within whatever we find compelling.

But, it’s what I’ve always strived for, to make a name for myself in whatever capacity that may be, and I’m sure the majority of people will feel the same. For me I have always dreamt of being a famous blogger & influencer or a performer on the West End (admittedly these both fit into the unlikely category). Or it could be a slightly more realistic career in PR, successful and living comfortably in say London or even New York if dreaming big.

But, at the same time I know that success isn’t everything. Being content in life with a loving partner, friends & family and simply being happy. I grapple between the two a lot.

Discovering what we want out of life can be tricky, compromises have to be made and even sacrifices. Each day I understand more about the world and where I fit within society. It will never be easy, and circumstances often change. I am certainly appreciating this time to take a moment to understand my own aspirations and the pathway to achieving them.

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