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Expanding the ASA Guidelines to TikTok

Not too long ago I wrote a blog post about the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) Guidelines and what that meant for social media influencers. These guidelines provide transparency to an influencers publics so that they are aware if a product appearing on their social media has been gifted to them or they have been paid to share their opinion. By disclosing this type of information, influencers are being honest about their intentions and their publics are then able to make an informed decision about the opinion they are being subject to.

The majority of influencers take these guidelines very seriously and adhere to them correctly, which is a great thing. But as the non-traditional social media platforms start to emerge, do the ASA guidelines need to step up their regulations to reach all platforms?

I believe this is becoming an issue over on the rising video platform, TikTok. The videos that the public share on this platform can easily go viral, if made right of course, and many social media influencers are jumping onto the bandwagon and creating content on the app. But, are they continuing to adhere to the ASA guidelines, which do stretch over the entire internet according to their website.

Surely there is only so much the ASA can be aware of, and regulate. TikTok is a huge platform, where anyone can create and share short videos. The scope of what needs to be regulated is so wide, and many may not be aware of or understand the guidelines. Some may even associate them with Instagram alone, as this seems to be the most popular platform right now for influencers.

However, we then start to enter into a territory where TikTok influencers start coming to light. Just with Vine, people become famous for their content and instantly become a form of influencer. These people are then at liberty to disclose their partnerships with brands, being transparent with their audience. This can be tough in a 60-second video.

TikTok is an emerging platform, gaining popularity worldwide. But in order to maintain a high level of transparency, the ASA guidelines need to be used within videos made by influencers. In this world of constant change and new technologies emerging every day, it is impertinent that we ensure that this transparency and honesty is upheld regardless.

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