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How Innocent ‘Conker’ Their Social Media Strategy

Social media is such a huge part of an organisations communications strategy as in most situations it is the best way to create strong relationships with your followers. I have personally always admired Innocent’s social media content and have followed them on Twitter for a little while now. I am constantly laughing at my screen to their witty comments and generally interesting tweets not just about their products but also little running commentaries of trending topics (their Great British Bake Off has been my favourite).

But more recently, a little campaign of theirs appeared on my feed about this new Conker Milk drink. Sounds intriguing does it not. Next thing I know (after having some time off of Twitter) I see a statement from Innocent. It turns out they had received some backlash from this campaign with people saying that conkers are dangerous, poisonous if you ate one and even pointed out that a conker cannot in fact be milked!

Immediately I thought the way that they handled the entire situation was just genius! The original post I believe has been deleted since but they did release a statement the same day. By resolving the issue before it got out of hand and doing it in an engaging and funny way definitely made it a memorable message. So many companies can learn from Innocent and the way they use social media to their benefit.

The original tweet, found on Google Images

Just from reading that statement and watching the video, I think we are all pretty clear on their key message. DO NOT EAT CONKERS. This seasonal campaign (albeit just a joke) has turned out to be a great advertisement for their other variations of nut milk. By putting their hands up and admitting, as said at the end of the video, that they are idiots, they have prevented what could have become a crisis but have also raised awareness of their products at the same time.

I think more companies need to make use of social media just as Innocent do. I personally feel more drawn to Innocent now than ever before simply based on their Twitter account. This is certainly the right way to make brand advocates and form a positive reputation which is controlled in such a way that a human error (it happens!) will not cause a detrimental effect on a brands reputation.

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