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Living In a Virtual World

We all know that we are now living in crazy times, and I have avoided talking about Covid-19 on my blog so far. But this is becoming seemingly difficult as it has taken over our lives, our news and social media. Every time I go on my phone (which is a lot), I instantly see a picture of someone out in the countryside doing their exercise for the day or tweeting their situation when working at home. We cannot get away from it, and for many it is getting very intense.

One thing that I would like to discuss is this idea of living in a virtual world. Each of us have had to reimagine the way we live day-to-day, whether that is work, University, school or socialising. I even had my weekly Church service streamed to my TV this week meaning I could carry on my weekly routine from the comfort of my own bed. It is at times like this when I am very grateful for the internet

Interestingly, I saw an article today about Olivia Attwood from series three of Love Island. It mentioned her thoughts about self-isolation being easier than the type of isolation they experienced within the Villa in Majorca. They were not allowed any contact with the outside world. For six weeks they were unable to use phones or the internet and only had each other (strangers really) to entertain themselves.

Just to clarify, I am not suggesting that this situation is anything like Love Island, there is a vast difference! But, the point is how the internet is a tool that we should all utilise during this time. Our lives are tricky right now but connecting with others is vital not just for productivity at work but for our own sanity. For example, Zoom is incredible. I have just had an online lecture which I admit was a bit weird, and have also been able to connect with friends who I haven’t seen for months. Without this online communication, the majority of us would be falling out with those we live with if we actually had to speak to one another throughout the day. Quite ironically, at one point this morning each member of my family were on some type of virtual call at the same time, my brother was sharing exercises with friends, my Dad was on a work conference call and I was chatting to my boyfriend.

Basically, the internet is incredible at connecting us to one another. Most of us would usually say we couldn’t live without it and now I believe that fully reigns true. During this time I think each one of us will begin to realise what is truly important in life and what we should be grateful for when we wake up each morning.

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