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May the Date Be With You

As soon as May 4th begins to draw nearer in our calendars, I think each of us will say ‘May the Fourth Be With You’ at one point or another. This date has become significant for its punny ways (a British trait I personally love). But, this year the Star Wars franchise decided to mark the day with the release of the latest film. I am sure this was a tactical Marketing move in order to gain momentum and hopefully sales, as everything seems to be about money!

So what is it with using dates in the year as a Marketing technique? Other films such as Mean Girls, Miss Congeniality & Hot Fuzz have a similar recognisable date, albeit it is more than likely these were just dates written into the script and made popular by fans. But helpful is it not?

May 4th, October 3rd, April 25th and the 22nd February are key dates in our calendar. I remember being at Secondary School and everyone getting super hyped when October 3rd rolled around. It is something that seems to make a movie stand out and become memorable to those who loved it.

These movies have been stamped into our timelines, with an iconic date to go alongside them. We will forever remember Star Wars because of May 4th and Mean Girls because of October 3rd. It is an everlasting Marketing technique, cleverly etched into our history. The film industry can use this subtle technique to promote their films and gain the momentum so many others have achieved. So why not? It’s free, on a global scale and more importantly it creates some cracking memes. Why not jump on the bandwagon and strive for a film for each day of the year! Wouldn’t that be marvellous for meme culture, Twitter and of course the film industry itself.

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