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My Blogging Truths

Within the last few days I have been feeling a little down about my blog. Don’t get me wrong I am in love with the theme and the posts I write but I can’t help but feel slightly disappointed about the lack of views I have on here or even the amount of followers or likes I get on social media. Sometimes I feel like there is no point in writing if no-one is reading.

I admire those bloggers who have ‘perfect’ instagram feeds or regular readers and sometimes I seriously wish I could become one of them. But I know this takes time. I’ve only recently started posting regularly and trying really hard to promote each post as much as possible. At the moment it seems like a lot of work for such little gain. Despite this slight dip in my confidence I have tried my very best to put these things behind me and carry on blogging for the main reason I started ‘ItsOnlyEm’ back in 2014… because I love to write!

I believe the reason for blogging for some has become a want or need for fame or success as seen in the likes of Zoella. But like I just said I blog because I love to write, and even more now as I study PR. A large part of my degree is about communicating in a written format so this is great practice for me! As comes with this ideal of the Zoella blog is the huge amount of pressure. How many of you smaller bloggers struggle to get that candid outfit post on a photogenic street in front of a cutely decorated doorway? I know I certainly do, not just because of my awkwardness but also my lack of a photographer. The stress to create a perfect instagram feed does affect me quite a lot as I know a good feed comes with more followers and therefore more views on my blog. Of course this is a goal I strive for but for now I’m going to just keep doing what I can. I do understand that blogging is a platform that develops over a long period of time. But I am impatient! I am slowly getting it into my head that followers are irreleavent and that I definitely won’t reach thousands over night.

Other pressures? Well for me… Organisation or motivation. We’re all human! Some days these things just aren’t realistic and that is fine. I am not one to plan and schedule posts for months in advance neither am I always super motivated to write a post. I am doing a degree and sometimes I just don’t want to get out of bed! It is okay to have down days. I just want to be realistic both with myself and within the posts that I write and hope that someone out there is able to relate or is affected by my message. Even if only one person is influenced by my blog then I think I’ll be happy.

What I am trying to say is that bloggers are definitely not perfect, even if everything online appears as if it is. For all you smaller bloggers out there, keep going! Remember why you started blogging in the first place and stick with it. I’m sure in a year or so’s time you’ll see a growth no matter how large or small it may be. For me, I am going to continue to write on this little blog of mine.

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