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My First Week At Uni

The 16th of September 2017 will forever be a memorable day for me as it was the day that I moved 111 miles away from home to begin a new chapter in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been looking forward to this day pretty much since I got my UCAS offer confirmed. However, there is something about being almost abandoned in a strange city that can be a little daunting.

I moved to Southampton to begin my BA (Hons) Public Relations & Communications degree at Southampton Solent University. If you ask me why I chose this course, I honestly couldn’t tell you a direct reason. Simply, I loved the idea of the course and wanted to do a course that was different to what I’d done before which would then give me a successful career at the end of my three years here.

As I write this, I have been living in my student accommodation for one week! My room is very small but incredibly cosy and I honestly feel very much at home. Plus my flat mates are all lovely which is of course very important as we are now stuck together for this year. My love for Floor 7 will be eternal, I’m certain of it!

My very first day in Southampton was spent wandering the city with a few of my flatmates. We wanted to get to know the city a little before we were thrown into the busy student life we knew was awaiting us on Monday morning. It was a lovely sunny, but slightly chilly, day for exploring the place we were ready to call home for the next few years.

My first week has generally been me going to Uni for welcome week 10am-5pm most days, going home to eat and then either a relaxing night in or off out for the freshers events the Southampton night life has to offer! It has been an incredibly tiring week but I have made so many new friends from all parts of the Uni which has been absolutely incredible.

During the welcome week I have spent time with those on my course, we are a small cohort of 14 students so we are already getting to know each other well. Our sessions have varied from building rapport (technical PR stuff I know!) to storytelling to mini golf! It has been a different experience for me which I have enjoyed very much and hope to continue over my time in the lovely Southampton.

Talk soon, Em x

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