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One Third of My Degree Is Complete!

On Friday, I handed in my final assignment of my first year at University. Crazy! It has gone incredibly quickly and has been the most amazing, yet scary, experience I think I have ever had.

As I handed in that last assignment, I felt a massive sense of relief. It was probably the most complicated project we had been given and I had left it to the last minute, which never helps. But as I reflected on the other assignments I have completed, I realised I actually enjoyed most of them. Don’t get me wrong, at the time it certainly feels like the worst thing in the world but I honestly love my course. I hear so many other Students complaining about their course and how much they hate it or how the work is awful. Thankfully, I have not had that experience. I am so glad I took the risk of choosing Public Relations despite knowing almost nothing about it. I just hope these positive vibes I get now will continue into second and third year  where I know the degree gets much harder.

Looking back over the last 9 months, I feel like I have achieved a lot. I have somehow managed to move away from home, live independently, manage finances, do well in each of my assignments as well as keeping a fairly healthy social life. I love being busy and I have definitely felt that this year, especially in the second semester as I joined the Christian Union committee as their Social Media Executive. I have honestly had the best time and have made amazing friendships that I’m sure will last for life.

The best thing about finishing first year I think has to be the four months I now have off before second year begins. Ridiculous! I have loads of things planned but four months is still a long time. I am doing some work experience with Steadfast, which I am incredibly excited about and I have a few holidays planned as well as a potential new job! Somehow, in between all of that, I want to blog and spend time relaxing whilst I have the time too!

A lot of people say that University changes them, I’m not sure it has had that effect on me. However, I have definitely grown as a person and feel more determined than ever to succeed. I am loving the University life and am grateful for every moment.

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