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Living In a Virtual World

We all know that we are now living in crazy times, and I have avoided talking about Covid-19 on my blog so far. But this is becoming seemingly difficult as…

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Rest is something I have not had a lot of this week and I am truly seeing the impacts of it. I ache all over and feel very unhealthy due…

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Too Little, Too Late

I personally have a huge issue with Victoria’s Secret and their diversity… or lack of. The brand are known for their lingerie but they are very minimalistic and non-inclusive, particularly…

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Be Kind

In 2015, I was 16 years old and working weekends at my local corner shop. Whilst on my shifts I would always reach for Cosmopolitan UK when the shop got…

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Under Pressure

Today is the 13th February. That means in just 91 days my degree will be finished and I will (hopefully) be entering the world of PR. As a third year…

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This month Beyonce launched her new Ivy Park x Adidas fitness range, but what Beyonce maybe didn’t expect was the apparent similarity with Sainsbury’s uniform. The maroon and orange colours…