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My Placement With Steadfast Collective

Last week I had the privilege of completing a placement with Steadfast Collective, a development and content production company, located in Southampton. The team of five welcomed me into their office and I spent the week working alongside Rachel as they began their PR campaign to celebrate their birthday as well as forming social media content and writing blog posts.

As a Public Relations student, seeing first-hand how a campaign is run from the very start was incredibly insightful. I started my very first day researching existing campaigns and began to understand how ours would run. A main part of the campaign would be daily social media posts. Therefore, creating content for each of these days was an important role as to ensure the content was engaging yet informative and relating to the companies third birthday. We decided to focus on various areas such as their history, the team, promoting a weekly podcast as well as birthday celebrations. Creating these images was so exciting, the office was absolutely covered in confetti for most of the time that I was there. It gave me a great chance to explore my creative side as I was required to formulate new ideas in all aspects of the campaign.






Whilst on my placement I was also involved in creating the social media content for both the ‘New Life Home Trust’ charity and New Community Church. Both of these organisations have different ethos’ and styles in terms of language. Therefore, the ability to adapt and understand how to formulate each post was a great lesson for me. Using a spreadsheet made the planning of these posts much easier in terms of knowing when they should be posted and what subject each post would be about. I would then use Buffer to schedule the tweets and Facebook posts for about two weeks in advance. This app is incredibly useful as you can have multiple accounts logged in at once and you can set up a timetable so there are slots for you to write your content straight into. I am now looking into using this for the social media work that I do for the Christian Union society at University.

In addition, I had the task of writing two blog posts whist on the placement. One was for the New Life Home Trust regarding the social media campaign we were running as a way to gain 250 new donors who would be willing to donate £10. We decided to run with the idea of what £10 is worth, so for example three cups of coffee a month or a trip to the cinema. My other blog post was all about Steadfast’s third birthday detailing what was going on in this month’s campaign. I loved writing from different perspectives and using a more formal tone for each of these blog posts.

Working with Steadfast was my first Public Relations related placement. I found the experience incredibly interesting and I certainly enjoyed spending a week working alongside the team.

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