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Rest is something I have not had a lot of this week and I am truly seeing the impacts of it. I ache all over and feel very unhealthy due to a lack of good food and exercise. This is what happens when life takes over and any type of self-care goes out of the window! I cannot remember the last time I cooked a proper healthy meal.

Rest is so incredibly important to both our mental and physical wellbeing so it needs to be a priority within our lives. For me, this is unrealistic. I do not prioritise rest in my routine at all, and I know I really should start to. But in our society, rest is the last thing on our minds, with busy lives very few of us have time to just… Stop. Take a deep breath and think.

Life can be tough. We all have busy lives in whatever aspects that may be. For me University is becoming hectic. With just three months to go before I finish my third year and prepare to graduate, the work I have is racking up. I think many (including me) underestimate how hard Uni can be sometimes. This week I have been working 11 hour days.

My time has been split between the library, but also as a society committee member. We have hosted an event each evening this week, and boy that’s more work than it likely sounds. The amount of planning and organising whilst trying to juggle my assignments and dissertation has been tricky. But I have almost made it through the week!

Time has certainly flown by and none of that time has been for myself. Self-care is becoming a big deal in our society, which is great because we all need to focus time for just ourselves. But I have had zero time for self-care this week, and cannot wait for the weekend when I can put myself first (and read a good book!)

Putting priorities into place can be hard when you feel there is no other option but sometimes saying no is the best thing to do for your own sake. Say no to that extra class, that assignment that isn’t quite due yet or that group of friends you haven’t seen in a while. There is no shame. I am guilty of putting others ahead of me, so I know that I personally need to take my own advice by starting to saying no and putting my own wellbeing first.

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