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This month Beyonce launched her new Ivy Park x Adidas fitness range, but what Beyonce maybe didn’t expect was the apparent similarity with Sainsbury’s uniform. The maroon and orange colours are well known within the UK for being a part of Sainsbury’s staple brand identity. But what many people did notice was the similarities between the two and took to Twitter, making a mockery of Beyonce’s line imitating the supermarkets uniform.

Sainsbury’s took this in their stride and jumped on the bandwagon with a tweet almost claiming the colour combination by stating they had been “repping since 1869”.

However, many of Beyonce’s fan base were not happy about Sainsbury’s retaliations with many saying ‘You don’t own a color combination sweetie,’ and another stating that ‘No one asked. go buy #adidasxIVYPARK.’ But, this hasn’t affected Sainsbury’s reputation, it is likely that these fans are American and therefore have no relationship with Sainsbury’s, whereas many Brits likely do.

Jumping onto pop culture trends is a great way for organisations to continue to stay relevant and gain brand awareness, mainly on social media. Sainsbury’s were able to achieve these things by responding quickly and cleverly. For organisations, staying relevant is a huge part of maintaining their reputation and proving that they can appeal to the wide audience that are on social media. Sainsbury’s didn’t have to respond to the similarities people were making, but my doing so they were able to keep up with the culture and prove themselves as a worthwhile organisation.

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