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Spend & Be Festive

As Christmas draws closer, spending is on the rise. All things Christmassy are flying off the shelves as we all begin to get into the spirit that this time of year brings. But why is it that we spend so much money around Christmas. Our culture has rapidly changed over the last decade or so as we spend so much more on presents, food, decorations and treats for ourselves. Are companies simply taking advantage of the season and our need to feel festive by using clever strategies?

Oh Go On Then… It Is Christmas!

We use the same excuse each year when it comes to food and drink; “it’s Christmas”. This is the one time of year where it is socially acceptable to binge on all yummy treats and avoid any feelings of guilt. Now, the majority of us love a coffee so Christmas time is like a field day when each coffee chain start promoting their Christmas drinks from gingerbread to toasted marshmallow flavours. There is something about the festive cups and warming drinks that make me want to buy more coffee’s than any other time of year. Eating festive treats can get us all into the Christmas spirit and ready for the season ahead. These coffee chains know this and revel in the hype and sales they get out of this type of campaign.

Treat Yo’self

The treat yourself epidemic has escalated drastically recently. People tend to spend money just because they can; ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ are a great example of this. The sales on these two days are great, especially if you’re super organised and are buying Christmas presents. But these sales can turn into one saying, “go on treat yourself”. ASOS, the fashion retailer, had an up to 70% off sale over the last weekend. Even I bought an item for myself on Black Friday because of the huge discounts. Although, it has been said that they increased the original prices of items to make it look like there was a larger discount. This is not really an ethical strategy, but the retailer probably did see an increase in sales anyway.

Sell. Sell. Sell

So many campaigns are so good at selling products around this time of year. I have already written about this briefly, but John Lewis are a great example of an organisation who use their Christmas adverts to increase sales. The loveable Edgar from this year’s ad now fills John Lewis’s shelves with plush toys, slippers and wellies. We all love the Christmas campaigns that we see and children are very easily persuaded too. No wonder Edgar has completely sold out in store and online. John Lewis are just one example of how brands can use particular techniques to persuade people to purchase their items.

Brands have certainly learnt which are the best methods to get people to buy their products at Christmas time. All they need is a great campaign and desirable products. The public will buy pretty much anything this time of year so if the strategy is right, profits will be rolling in.

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