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Are the New ASA Guidelines Beneficial or Just a Pain?

In September 2018, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) introduced guidelines for influencers to follow in terms of their transparency when advertising. The Influencers Guide contains details of the guidelines and how social influencers should ensure that it is clear to consumers if the content is an advert. A lot of influencers have adopted the range of #ad, #gifted, #affiliate hashtags to define what type of advert they are sharing to ensure they are compliant with the guidelines. If the guidelines…

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    This Time Last Year

    This time last year I had finished my final year at school and was enjoying a three month long summer before I embarked on my journey to Southampton ready for the next stage in my life. For many people, this is a nerve-racking time awaiting…

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    72 Hours In Amsterdam

    Last week, me and a group of friends travelled to Amsterdam for a three day city break. In the last few years Amsterdam seems to have become the place to go with its miles of canals, iconic narrow houses and the history involving the Dutch…

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    My Placement With Steadfast Collective

    Last week I had the privilege of completing a placement with Steadfast Collective, a development and content production company, located in Southampton. The team of five welcomed me into their office and I spent the week working alongside Rachel as they began their PR campaign…

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    Crisis Simulation Event

    Today we had our last PR event of this academic year, a crisis simulation! This in particular was an event I was incredibly excited about due to the unknown scenario we would be given as well as an insight into how a crisis could be…

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    My Blogging Truths

    Within the last few days I have been feeling a little down about my blog. Don’t get me wrong I am in love with the theme and the posts I write but I can’t help but feel slightly disappointed about the lack of views I…

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    Why The Internet Has No Secrets

    Recently the topic of secrecy online has come to mind during my social media scrolling. Over the last few days many lifestyle bloggers that I follow have completed a five things about me challenge. This made me think, nothing online is private anymore. Admittedly, these…

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    Top 10 Christmas Ads of 2017

    As soon as the Christmas adverts start to appear on our screens, I believe it is the official mark of the start of this season. Throughout the years we have seen John Lewis trump all other companies with their emotive music and meaningful storylines with…