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ASOS & Influencer Marketing: My OTP

I love ASOS. A bit of an odd start to a blog post I know, but I promise you there is a point. I love ASOS, everything about it. What it stands for, its clothing and its social media. I also love influencer marketing. I find it so insightful and such a resourceful use of social media. I guess you could say ASOS and influencer marketing are my OTP (that’s one true pairing if you weren’t a 12-year-old girl pairing…

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    May the Date Be With You

    As soon as May 4th begins to draw nearer in our calendars, I think each of us will say ‘May the Fourth Be With You’ at one point or another. This date has become significant for its punny ways (a British trait I personally love).…

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    John Lewis’ Christmas Ad Catches Fire

    It’s already that time of year again. Today John Lewis has filled our timelines with yet another festive advert to warm our hearts and get us into the Christmas spirit. Over the years John Lewis has reigned over the Christmas ads by creating stories and…