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The Week of March 8th

It has been a heavy week hasn’t it. The 8th March started a catalyst of events, none of which were particularly positive. However, the week began on Monday with International Women’s Day and certainly kickstarted the week in a positive light. I saw so many uplifting and supportive posts for friends, family members and even complete strangers. I really felt the internet had come together and was rallying in support for all women! Many brands got on board too! BT…

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    ASOS & Influencer Marketing: My OTP

    I love ASOS. A bit of an odd start to a blog post I know, but I promise you there is a point. I love ASOS, everything about it. What it stands for, its clothing and its social media. I also love influencer marketing. I…

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    Adapting Social Media for the Better

    Social media is an odd thing. It consumes most of our lives and can become the centre of our world quite quickly. But, it connects us together and creates unique types of friendships. However, social media has many positives and negatives to it, and how…

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    Expanding the ASA Guidelines to TikTok

    Not too long ago I wrote a blog post about the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) Guidelines and what that meant for social media influencers. These guidelines provide transparency to an influencers publics so that they are aware if a product appearing on their social media…

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    Burger King’s Big (Mac) Campaign

    Not too long ago I stumbled across this campaign from Burger King which I just think is hilarious and so clever. Each time Burger King advertised a Whopper in 2019, a Big Mac was hidden behind the classic Burger King burger. The aim… to prove…

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    Spend & Be Festive

    As Christmas draws closer, spending is on the rise. All things Christmassy are flying off the shelves as we all begin to get into the spirit that this time of year brings. But why is it that we spend so much money around Christmas. Our…

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    John Lewis’ Christmas Ad Catches Fire

    It’s already that time of year again. Today John Lewis has filled our timelines with yet another festive advert to warm our hearts and get us into the Christmas spirit. Over the years John Lewis has reigned over the Christmas ads by creating stories and…

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    Regulations to Save Lives

    Last week I discussed whether trolling and cyberbullying was getting out of control and ways society can combat this issue. One avenue that I believe would make a huge difference is putting regulations in place. Disciplining those who are bullying others online can start to…