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The Pressure Influencers are Under at Christmas Time

Christmas is getting closer and closer now, and as the big day draws nearer the more we see each other post about Christmas decorations, presents, food and all that entails the “perfect” Christmas Day. This afternoon I got to thinking about the pressure that social media influencers must be under this time of year. More and more brands reach out at this time of year and keeping the impression of a “perfect” life can be a challenge with the busyness that comes with this season.

But are influencers affected by the pressure that comes this time of year? Particularly with the amount of brand deals they have to deal with and the levels of organisation needed to be ready for December 2nd.

Brand deals are such a huge part of being an influencer, particularly at Christmas. As companies strive to get their products noticed in such a busy marketplace, influencers are the best place to stand out from the crowd and hopefully increase sales. But, so many influencers are inundated with product after product which need a review written or a instagram post uploaded, all whilst ensuring they are complying with the ASA guidelines of stating ad or gifted. So yes, influencers have a busy time of year keeping up to date with their brand deals whilst continuing with their usual day to day business. But, does an influencer put a lot of pressure on themselves to ensure each brand deal is completed, despite the sheer volume of them, when in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t worth the added pressure.

Both Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon have shared their run up to Christmas on their respective Instagram stories. What I find interesting is that both women seem incredibly organised but are stressed with the amount of presents that need to be wrapped. As I see these stories I think to myself, I haven’t even bought one present yet, let alone wrapped any of them! This could just be me being a bit lazy and rubbish at buying gifts. But, I just wonder if they feel the need to be productive and have their Christmas as perfect as possible because of their status and how others may perceive them. Or, they could be super organised because they know their schedules, family commitments and what the best time and place is to get these odd jobs done. We won’t know their reasonings but I do hope that neither of them feel the pressure that Christmas brings.

I believe that each of us feels some type of pressure this time of year with social media dominating most of our lives. The majority of us feel the need to post amazing pictures of the “perfect” tree, twinkling lights and happy family photos but sometimes all this is just too much pressure. This time of year, do what makes you happy, not what you think will please others and I hope that influencers do the same.

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