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This Time Last Year

This time last year I had finished my final year at school and was enjoying a three month long summer before I embarked on my journey to Southampton ready for the next stage in my life. For many people, this is a nerve-racking time awaiting A-Level results to see if they have gotten into their chosen University. I was incredibly fortunate to have already got my place at my favourite University for the course that I wished for. Results day came and I didn’t do too well. I came out with a C in Media Studies, a D in Applied ICT and an E in Geography. I kind of knew my results weren’t going to be that great, I have always hated exams and had little motivation to revise. I was dissapointed as I thought I had tried my best. Knowing I could still go to Solent University and study Public Relations and Communication was so great considering the struggle I had gone through in Sixth Form.

As I hear about friends who are going through their A-Levels, and as I got my own results for my first year, I couldn’t help but reflect. This last year has absolutely flown by and it has been absolutely incredible in so many different ways. I live in a place I love, with so many great friends and I actually enjoy studying. My degree is so amazing and I managed to pass my first year with an overall average of a 1st!

I was so worried about University, everyone always says how difficult it is and that it is a step up from A-Levels. The thought of not enjoying my course or struggling to complete the work terrified me. However, I soon realised that I had chosen a course I was actually good at and enjoyed (most of the time!) Don’t get me wrong, 9am theory lectures can be tough but knowing I have very few exams coming my way has changed my perceptions of education. I am no longer scared of the work that is to come but if anything am excited for the challenge that is waiting for me in my second and third years of my degree as the work load increases.

What I am trying to say is that even if it takes an age, search for that one thing that you are passionate about and you may find that you can succeed simply because you love what you are doing. Not just in education but in all walks of life!

Good luck to any of you receiving results! Even if you do not do as well as you may think, it is not the end for you. Keep going and keep dreaming.

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