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Too Little, Too Late

I personally have a huge issue with Victoria’s Secret and their diversity… or lack of. The brand are known for their lingerie but they are very minimalistic and non-inclusive, particularly in terms of sizing. Even I cannot buy from Victoria’s Secret, and I wouldn’t exactly say I was an abnormal size.

The brand has suffered over recent years due to their ‘old-fashioned’ ways. Their famous runway shows were cancelled in 2019, which were known for their average size 6 models strutting down the catwalk in huge angel wings and lingerie.

Victoria’s Secret Campaign

However, they have now launched a line of underwear in neutral colours to fit all skin tones, with models of different shapes and sizes modelling them. This is all amazing, don’t get me wrong, this is a huge deal for Victoria’s Secret and is definitely a step in the right direction but… Is it too little too late? They do seem to be very late jumping on the bandwagon. It is the 21st Century after all. Victoria’s Secret are a well known brand, but, so many of their consumers are young women who want to purchase from a company focussed on diversity. I personally will never respect or buy from Victoria’s Secret until they cater to all sizes, properly celebrating diversity in all shape and form.

In 2020, Victoria’s Secret should already be inclusive and proud of that fact. Instead, it has taken them a long time to get to this stage and I think there is still a lot more they can do. Without making a change to their ideologies, there is a huge risk to their reputation and sales (which they are already struggling with!) But I think it will take a huge statement campaign and brand changes to make this possible. Many people, including me, have found alternative brands who do offer inclusivity and are likely cheaper too (you’d have to get a second mortgage if you shopped only at VS for underwear!)

Inclusivity is a huge issue in our society. Many brands are not inclusive and for many that can make us feel a bit sh*t. I for sure have experienced this far too much. But in 2020, I would like to think that we are taking the right steps forward and being more inclusive to those in society. We all deserve to feel good about ourselves and be able to shop wherever we want to, and not be limited to only a handful of brands who actually care and put diversity first.

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