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Under Pressure

Today is the 13th February. That means in just 91 days my degree will be finished and I will (hopefully) be entering the world of PR.

As a third year student, people will begin to ask you the same string of questions over and over again. So what are your plans for after Uni? What type of job? Where are you going to live? Are you moving back home? What about that boyfriend of yours? What’s he doing? I have been asked these questions so often that my response sometimes is just that I don’t know yet. It seems to save a lot of complication and attempting to describe the messy plan I have in my head.

But why is there so much pressure on Uni students as soon as they graduate. On top of all the units I have this semester and writing my 10,000 word dissertation, being a society committee member and having a life outside of all of that certainly comes with its difficulties! Juggling life is hard and ensuring everything is balanced is near impossible. But when you add the dilemma of making life decisions and applying for jobs, the pressure just piles up.

With the end of my degree looming and time running out, I can feel this pressure rising. But how do we reduce the pressure that is put onto Uni students. Mental health is a huge thing and is far too common within students. So what can be done to reduce mental health and the pressure we face? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know the answer to this, but for me taking one week at a time is the best way to stay level headed. With so much going on, it can be easy to succumb to the pressure and crumble, but planning and self-care is the best way to stay calm and reduce the pressure.

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