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Understanding the Convergence of PR & Marketing

Recently, I conducted a survey all about the convergence of PR and Marketing, interestingly one of my questions revealed that few people understood what that phrase meant. Therefore, I thought I would do my best to explain what I believe it is and how it may cause an effect.

The lines that define the PR and Marketing industries have blurred as many roles now require both elements due to the similarity of practices as well as the skills and knowledge professionals may need. Convergence, or the merging of the two, has become inevitable as these industries have developed over recent years.

As there are many crossovers between PR and Marketing, it makes sense for professionals to be multi-disciplined and have the knowledge to be able to work within both industries. Many degrees now contain both elements of PR and Marketing to train future professionals if they should ever enter a career where it is required to understand both fields, which I personally find very beneficial. It is ideal to understand how they work alongside one another in order to form effective outputs for both PR and Marketing elements.

The convergence of PR and Marketing is a key element of the industry and I believe it is beneficial to use them in harmony. Due to the high amount of crossover, it is useful for professionals to have a full understanding which they can then use to their best advantage.

PR and Marketing go hand in hand with one another, each would struggle if this convergence did not exist.

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