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Why The Internet Has No Secrets

Recently the topic of secrecy online has come to mind during my social media scrolling. Over the last few days many lifestyle bloggers that I follow have completed a five things about me challenge. This made me think, nothing online is private anymore. Admittedly, these bloggers have willingly shared this information and the facts are nothing too intimate. However, the question I asked myself was, “why?”. Why did these bloggers feel the need to share this information and why did this trend start in the first place?

I’ve been thinking about this a little today, trying to answer those questions that actually made quite an impact on me. I have come to the conclusion that the internet is not a private space. I think most of us know and understand this by now and most people don’t care about privacy or who is going to see that selfie they took in their bathroom last week. Most believe (particularly in the blogging universe) that sharing every detail is a key way to boost those likes, views or follows on social media. Famous vloggers, like Zoella, are famous for sharing intimate details of their everyday lives, she has 12 million YouTube subscribers so she must be doing something right. I think that we as content creators feel that no-one will be bothered to read or view what we create if there is no personality or intimacy presented through the content or the well thought through captions that accompany them.

I mean, I don’t know about you but I love following those bloggers with the ‘perfect’ instagram feeds and hilariously cute tweets. Why? Well because it’s what we all secretly aspire to be. A huge part of wanting to know all of those personal details stems from the longingness (and I guess slight jealousy) that we would like our lives to be as perfect as theirs. Though the problem here is that only the good days are shown. We don’t see the bad parts of their lives so we are led to believe there is none. And who wouldn’t want a life like that! I also believe that us as viewers are simply nosy. Everyone loves to hear the scoop on people whether that be good or bad. Why else would the Kardashians be so famous! No matter the story, the public love a little insight into others lives. This could be as a form of escapism from their own lives or as I said earlier as an aspiration or set of goals to be carried out to better themselves the best way they believe they can.

All of these issues are deeply rooted in our society and I believe they won’t be changing anytime soon. The pressure to be a certain way on social media is increasing day by day, all for a temporary satisfaction of popularity. Is this what life is all about? I’m not sure it is. But we will all continue to share our lives online because that is the only way that we know how.

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